Friday, 29 August 2014

30 Days in September - 2014 edition

Welcome to the 30 Days in September composer project. Departure Lounge Arts Collective is back and beating on your eardrum.

Every day in September 2014 composers James E Stephenson and Paul J. Abbott will be compiling and curating ideas and moments ready for a series of online and live events which reflect and refract the creative thinking of one month in their lives.

This project resurrects an idea which happened in 2002 which culminated in a ground breaking live performance using material from an online project which was highly unusual for its time.

In 2014, the material will be used in many new ways, and the ideas for how it should be used will be posted, both in envelopes and online, to develop the live aspects of the project.

If you like this project and you have ideas please feel free to share.  There is no ice involved and no forced charitable giving but if you like ice please enjoy it and if you feel that you would like to give some money to charity then please do. We will not make you show off on facebook.

30 days and counting. 30 days which count.

lots of love DLa x

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